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Mark Treherne, CEO,

Life Science Organisation,

Department of International Trade

It was a pleasure to have worked with Chris, who was a hard-working and highly effective colleague. He has great communication skills, a can-do attitude, which gets outstanding results.

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Tim Daley, VP, Global Sales and Distribution Effectiveness (Program Leader)

Becton, Dickinson & Co.

Chris is known for his strong approach to sales growth and sales management. He was regularly looking for opportunities within segment and demonstrated strong focus for winning new business. He has high ethical standards and was a trusted partner for our business.


Dr Paul Rainey, EMEA Distribution Manager,

Myriad Genetics 

Chris is a results-orientated business manager who focuses on getting the best out of his sales team. His motivation and drive for success are second to none. I enjoyed and appreciated my time working with Chris and highly recommend him to any prospective employer.

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